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Back Pain

Do you have a long time to face the pressure of work and life tired, causing neck pain, back pain and other problems?

Sencare Adjustable Beds helps you overcome back pain by improving posture. Bad posture will accelerate the spine wear and tear caused by the lack of exercise and long-term sitting in the office. Urban people are busy and their muscles go into tight state, especially by extended use of mobile phone or a computer. This results in premature aging or degradation of the spine. This is not normal and can result in muscle numbness or tingling, dysuria, fatigue, hands and feet paralysis which ends up in orthopedic treatment.

Continuous back pain is a signal to tell your body may have been situation.

Many people think that back pain is caused after exercise, but in fact, it is only a brief muscle stimulation; prolonged sedentary, lack of exercise is the culprit! Long time with the computer, coupled with abdominal obesity also make the deep core muscle loose. You need to provide stable spinal support with Sencare Adjustable Beds offer.

Sencare Adjustable Bed offered excellent contour shape with the modular support base for the users who need the angle to reduce their neck pain, back pain and other problems like snoring. Order Sencare Adjustable Beds today!


Old people fall more than the problem of home injury should pay attention!

With age, most people are afraid of falling! It can lead to a fracture due to poor bone density of the elderly. Falling for the elderly may result in a catastrophe and even cause a lifetime of regret. The incidents of falls among the elderly is 35% above 65 years of age, and 42% over the age of 70. The frequency of the elderly falling increase with age and weakness. In personal factors, over 50% is attributed to environmental factors.

Aging is a normal degradation process, but accidents can speed up the process. Equipment problems in bathroom and bedroom are directly related to elderly falls. It is recommended to have a side rail handle and night light features for the elderly user when they go on and off the bed. The bed foots is also an important part and must not installed at the corner of the bed to avoid them accidentally kick and fall. Meanwhile, bed rest is an important part of their well-being and we can not ignore it. Therefore, they must sit before they lie down and they lie down slowly to improve their posture.

Sencare Adjustable Beds not only can adjusting the angle for the elderly to lie down or wake up slowly from the bed but also designed with these important safety features, so that the elderly can use the bed safely to avoid accidents happen and caused falls.

Gastric acid reflux (GERD – Gastro esophageal Reflux Disease)

Absolutely cannot despise the acid reflux!

Gastric acid reflux refers to the stomach pulled back into the esophagus, resulting in burning sensation. This is caused when stomach fluid reflux back to the esophagus. It can evolve into esophageal cancer. Causes of gastric acid reflux include obesity, high-fat diet, too much junk food, sleeping immediately after a meal or emotional imbalance. Gastric acid reflux occurs usually in the evening after a heavy meal. Undigested food oppresses the stomach, leading to acid reflux.

Because gastric acid reflux usually occurs in the night, it affect the patient’s sleep quality. Acid reflux in the upper respiratory tract causes inflammation of the channel, growth of polyps, and even produce nocturnal asthma.

The angle of Sencare Adjustable bed can slow down the acid reflux for the patient so that they can have a good sleep at night.


When some factors interfere with long natural sleep, quality of sleep decreases and physical health is also affected. Especially in pregnant women, sleep will affect their body and baby’s health. Good sleep is very important for ordinary people but especially for pregnant women.

Why pregnant women don’t sleep well?

  1. Pregnancy causes inconvenience of hormones, resulting in breast pain, frequent urination and morning sickness. Moreover,
  2. Heartburn problems (gastro esophageal reflux) often deteriorated at night.
  3. RLS – Restless Legs Syndrome.
  4. The hip, shoulder and back pressure increases because the stomach is getting bigger.

The angle of Sencare Adjustable Bed can solve the above problems for pregnant women, so that they can have a good quality of sleep. Furthermore, the safety features of Sencare Adjustable bed like the side rail handle, night light feature and inward bed foots will also reducing the risk of pregnant women falling in bedroom.


After a busy day, many people complain that their legs are tight and heavy, which may be caused by varicose veins. You can see the obvious blue veins, as if there is a section of earthworms climbing legs.

The cause of varicose veins is due to venous valve insufficiency, long-term of sitting, wearing tight pants, or natural genetic factors. As the blood decomposes in the legs and has no way to return to the heart, the formation of leg vein surfaces.

Varicose veins are common in middle-aged and pregnant women. Occupations such as teachers, receptionist, construction workers, cleaner, cashiers, cooks, flight attendant, security officer, etc., are high risk groups of varicose veins related occupational injuries.

Effectively way to slow down the varicose veins, is to raise the legs as far as possible. Raising the legs to about 30 degrees and keeping it for 30 minutes to 1 hour daily can have a good effect.

Sencare Adjustable Beds can help you achieve this effect, so that the lower extremity varicose vein is gradually restored to the original state. You do not need a lot of pillow pad for your feet. Sencare Adjustable Beds can also provide you with a comfortable angle with “zero gravity” position for you to release the body stress and have a good sleep.