We are a Singapore company that specialises in the distribution and sale of SenCare E-beds.
Why and how did we get into this business? Well, that’s the start of our journey.
When my wife was pregnant with our twins, we found that the foetuses were not in a stable condition, and so my wife was put on bedrest to mitigate the risks of a miscarriage. After months of hospitalisation, we realised that she could just as well be resting at home since we thought the only difference between being at home at in the hospital was the electric automated bed. So we decided to have her rest at home instead to save on the hospital bills.

After she got home, I went to purchase what I thought to be a very decent singles bed for my wife. However, during this time at home, she still had to sit herself up on her own strength to eat, to drink, and it created a lot of physical pressure on the womb. Eventually, her water broke and our baby had to be delivered on the 24th week, (6 months old) and were severely premature.

This premature delivery brought many challenges to our family, including of course the overwhelming medical bills. Then in a chance meeting overseas, I came upon a personal use electric automated bed and began to understand its many benefits. On hindsight, I regret not buying something like that for my wife when she was confined to the bed. Perhaps then, she may have been able to carry the babies for a longer term and they wouldn’t have been born premature; we would have been spared all the pain, heartache and the staggering huge medical bill.

So when I wanted to venture into this business, my wife was very supportive and think that it is a meaningful business to get into. Because not only will it be suitable for pregnant women it can also be of great help for chronically bedridden patients, elderly and post-operative recovering patients. It is also good for those with long term back pain, sleep apnoea, respiratory ailments, gastric reflux patients and those with varicose ailments and health enthusiasts. In addition, SenCare E-beds is unlike the traditional medical beds, it is aesthetically designed and sleek. It can help us get good quality sleep, so we can sleep more comfortably and more soundly. SenCare E-bed can also enhance our lifestyle, we can rest comfortably on it while we watch a movie, read, surf online, work et cetera. More importantly, it has become so affordable, almost the price of an iphone 7 Plus.

We thank God for His guidance, as we embark on this journey into SenCare E-bed.
We believe that it is a technology that will greatly enhance your lifestyle and make your lives more interesting.
(For news on premature pregnancy, kindly peruse MediaCorp Channel8’s news resource http://bit.ly/1kLR5AB)