One of our friend shared our SenCare E-bed with her sister. After that her sister came to visit our showroom and learnt more about our adjustable E-bed. She told us that she is sourcing for household adjustable bed as her husband is facing back pain. They have difficulty to find a suitable adjustable bed which have to meet their requirements in term of design, features and budget.

After she experienced the demo unit she preferred the Lifestyle series. This is because the bed has a modern design and the mattress is comfortable. Furthermore, the bed is using wireless remote control and integrated with German made electronics which provide higher reliability. Last but not least, the bed looked romantic with the night light feature. Two week later she brought her husband to our showroom again to try out the bed. Her husband tested and he was satisfied with the bed quality and price. Finally, they decided to paste an order for a Lifestyle series of E-bed in king size.

We delivered and installed the bed during the weekend and they were happy to receive their new bed. We thanks this lovely couple for supporting SenCare E-bed. May God continue blessing them good health & joy.



体验了我们的示范床后,她喜欢上SenCare Lifestyle系列的电动床。原因是因为这床的设计富有现代感、床褥也很舒适、加上德国的电子零件与无线遥控器,还有浪漫的夜灯功能。两周后,她再次与她的先生到访我们的展示单位。她的先生亲身体验床的质感与各方面的操作功能等等,觉得很满意,所以他们决定订购一台SenCare Lifestyle系列的双人床。