Lifestyle Series

SenCare Lifestyle series of E-Bed is designed not only for wellness but to bring the touch of flexibility into modern bed. The aesthetical design is based on Japanese concept which combined the elements of simple, neat and refined look.

The bed height is configurable according to bedroom design. It can install on the ground level or special raised platform. Alternatively, wooden or stainless steel bed foots are available to meet different height of user requirement. The side frames are made by 2cm of wood to ensure the bed width remain compact and space saving. There are 2 different models in this series – Single & King size.

Single size is a standard 90cm of mattress width for normal user. King size is a combination of 2 single beds in one bed frame for couple.

All SenCare E-Beds have adjustable feature and the angles are up to 85° for head and 35° for foot raise. The mattress is supported by multiple modular base in order to achieve ergonomic designed and provide excellent contour shape for the sleeper. Furthermore, each bed can support up to 175kg of loading weight by 2 separate motors. The 3 sides of the bed frame are also integrated with LED night light to provide user with sufficient luminance to go on & off the bed at night. SenCare E-Bed adapted German technology in motors, electronic devices, CPU and the remote controller. This is to ensure our bed offer not only world class of standard but also top class of reliability. The remote controller is wireless and not only limited to control up and down feature of the bed, but also provide memory function to register users’ favorite preference position.

SenCare Lifestyle series of e-bed come with 15cm highly comfortable mattress. The mattress was made by 3 layers of high density foam. The center layer is harder than the surface layers. The objective of this design is to prevent and reduce the mattress sink after long usage. This will definitely make the mattress value for money.

All SenCare E-Beds are given 3 years of warranty.

General SC-07S1 (Single) SC-07D (King)
Main frame Steel Steel
Side Frame Wood Wood
Night Light Yes Yes
Mattress 1 x Mattress 2 x Mattress
Overall Dimension (L x W x H) 200 x 95 x 38/28/18cm 200 x 185 x 38/28/18cm
Machine Weight 53kg 110kg
Mattress Dimension (L x W x H) 195 x 90 x 15cm 195 x 180 x 15cm
Mattress Weight 12.3kg 24.6kg
Head Raise Angle 0 to 85 (degree) 0 to 85 (degree)
Foot Raise Angle 0 to 35 (degree) 0 to 35 (degree)
Weight Loading 175kg 350kg
Controller Wireless remote Wireless remote
Memory Position 4 Memories 4 Memories
Actuator / Motor 2 x Okin Germany 4 x Okin Germany
Lighting 3 x LED Strip 4 x LED Strip