The end user of this bed is a 70+ years young of mum.

One night her daughter-in-law walk passed our shop and she is interested to learn more about our SenCare Multifunctional Series of e-bed.

Two days later I received an appointment call from her younger son who would like to visit our bed at late night due to his busy work schedule. They all came to understand and tried out our bed but no decision made.

A few days later they called me to confirm the order and request for urgent delivery because their mum would like to discharge early from hospital and return home. We work on the given schedule and delivered the bed to their mum’s house at Ang Mo Kio.

Why they chosen our Multifunctional Series of e-bed? There are some reasons for them to decide and purchased our bed. First is the functionality of our bed is equivalent to hospital bed so the care giver can easily take care of their mum. Second reason is our bed comply to some safety features. Last but not least, our bed don’t look like a typical hospital bed and this is the most important factor because they show the bed pics to their mum and she chosen our bed instead of hospital bed.

P.S. : From their behaviors, we sensed that they all are very filial piety to their mum. We also thank you for their support and may God bless this family great health, peace and joy.